Consulting & Integrative Marketing For Growth.



Analysis of business models, brand recognition, reputation, processes, growth potential, markets and opportunities provide clarity and direction for profit maximization.

Strategic Planning

Niche creation and business development through target market evaluation, budgeting, and brand strategy to obtain desired goals, increase leads and retention

Creative Services

With a focus on consumer behavior variations in multiple advertising channels, we design and implement effective marketing messages; including visual brand development, cross platform digital ad campaigns, website design and social media content.


Owning the digital ad space begins with a website that works FOR you, not against you. Our developers are well versed in the ever evolving search engine standards and produce only the best technology; responsive sites – with beautiful design on any device – for the fastest load times, improved SEO, and increased lead conversions.

Social Media Marketing

Leveraging the power of social media requires a strategy that capitalizes on the value of these unique marketing channels to search engines as well as people. With our custom digital engage program, we will use engaging content to increase your search engine rank, reach target audiences, improve your online reputation, explode referral rates, and establish a significant retention percentage.

Welcome to Cassidy Ann & Company

A progressive consulting and integrative marketing resource for growth oriented brands, Cassidy Ann & Company analyzes and streamlines business processes by evaluating profit centers and target markets, designing effective brand messaging, content, and implementation strategies for efficient marketing increasing retention and lead generation for growth and maximum profitability.

Cassidy Ann & Company


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